Tips, ideas and resources to level up your online-classes
We developed a list of fun and engaging activities for your online English class that will make students SPEAK!
Games and Warm-ups
Pre-intermediate +
Desert Island
Ask students to take any object from the room. Then give the task: You`re on the deserted island with only this thing. During 30 sec prove that you can survive on island with it. In the end students vote for the best speech.
Beginner +
Treasure Hunt
Students have to bring and show different objects as fast as possible. Teacher gives command ("Go and grab something blue / wooden / starting with "o" / connected to sport etc). The first student who brings correct object gets the point. Student with the biggest number of points wins.
Elementary +
Object Alias
Take any interesting or unusual thing, quickly wave it in front of camera. Ss have to guess what`s the name and usage of this object.
OR student chooses any object in the room. Describes it without showing. Other Ss have to guess it. After it object can be shown. The first who guesses gets the point.
Beginner +
What`s in the box?
Place some husehold thing in the box. Ss have to guess what`s in it. They take turns to ask questions (general and specific) to get some information about the object. When they guess open the box and show the object.
As additional task you can ask Ss to think 5 unusual ways to use this thing.
Beginner +
Picture Story
Ask Ss to take a lot of pictures of their weekend activities (set the limit, min 5 pics, for example), make collage and tell about it next lesson. If you talk about food, ask to make photo of dinner and tell the recipe. OR Ask to choose 5 random photos that Ss already have on their phones and make up a story with it.
Elementary +
Show and Tell
Ask Ss to bring 1 thing from each room. During 1 min tell about these things. Other Ss meanwhile prepare questions. OR ask to show some meaningful object, tell its story during 1 min.
High Beginner +
I`ll go to trip and take...
In this fun activity student completes the sentence " I`ll go to trip and take..." with 1 word. Next student repeats previous sentence and ads one more thing to the list. It goes one by one until someone makes mistake.
Beginner +
Fitting in
Show your students a pot, mug, basket etc. and ask to name/write down during 1 min as many objects that you can fit in it.
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