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Placement test

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1. Susan ... very smart.
2. He .... like ...... .
3. How .... does it take you to get to work?
4. Is .... a safe in your office. Yes, behind the picture.
5. Jim can`t .... football. He`s broken his leg.
6. ... some more tea?
7. I am looking forward ..... you again.
8. …….you got a blue coat?
1. I wish I ... play the guitar.
2. I`m ... stay at home tonight.
3. She is the .... girl in the group.
4. This house … by my grandfather.
5. It ... start raining soon.
6. His mother looks …. his children.
7. Nowadays many processes….
8. The car skidded and I thought we... crash.
1. Drop me .... when you are in Paris.
2. Suddenly Cathy found out, she .... her keys.
3. It`s time .... some work.
4. They .... agree to come if they knew anyone here.
5. His hair and clothes were wet because he … in the river.
6. I can`t give you a lift. My car … .
7. She told me that she … from Spain.
8. I wouldn`t mind … if he helped around the house.
Upper Intermediate
1. When John arrived at the party, Sue...
2. If I ... on holiday to Italy, I wouldn`t have met Josepe.
3. By the time you get this letter I ...
4. Jane ... to cope with the required task.
5. Mickle was offered the job ... having poor qualifications.
6. The offer was too good for Jennifer to turn ...
7. ... lost all the money he was a broken man.
8. You ... said anything to Pam about her party. It was going to be a surprise.
9. Tomorrow at six oclock my friends and I ... beer.
10. We have ... experimental results.
11. She ... be quite overweight when she was a teenager.
1. She likes to ... a gallery or two when she`s in London.
2. What will you do when ... studying?
3. You are a computer expert, Jane. Could I … for a minute?
4. I`d rather ... English than Swedish.
5. The buildings seemed … to and fro.
6. It … Peter in his silly yellow shirt at the party, he was going to come .
7. Never in my life … so frightened.
8. She told me to tidy up, but I already ...
9. She doesn`t know how to read. She never learnt ...
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У вас остались вопросы? Задайте их напрямую нашему менеджеру Татьяне!
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